Pressure band

Pressure band

Elastic woven bands are distinguished by high elasticity (extensibility), thanks to which they perfectly stiffen the periarticular area in all types of injuries and sprains. They are used in supporting dressings, especially in places where the inelastic band may slide off. The elastic band can also be used as a band for venous diseases.

Due to the high content of cotton, they are safe for the skin. The band is non sterile so it is not used for direct wound care. It is reusable, it can also be washed in water at 40 ° C with the addition of detergents for synthetic fibers.

Available sizes:

4 m x 8 cm, 4 m x 10 cm, 4 m x 12 cm, 4 m x 15 cm

5 m x 8 cm, 5 m x 10 cm, 5 m x 12 cm, 5 m x 15 cm


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